Who We Are. What We Do

Mikalile Trading Ltd is part of the Mikalile Group of Companies. It’s an indigenous Zambia Company which was incorporated as Private Limited Company by shares on the 17th march, 2006. Over 15 years in operation, the company has earned considerable trust to its customers both locally and internationally mainly Government Institutions, Private Business Organisations, NGOs/Charity Organizations and individual customers. The Company has been dealing/supplying Heavy duty equipment, Office and House-hold Furniture, Electronic Goods, Kitchenware, Intelligence and Military Equipment both in Zambia and outside Zambia.

Over the years the Company has diversified in the following key sectors (within and around the world):

  • Construction
  • Electricals and Electronics
  • Motor Vehicles sector – Heavy Duty Motor Vehicles and Spare Parts supply (including for mining Industry)
  • Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding
  • Food and Chemicals supplying.
  • Intelligence and Military Equipment

What we stand for

To continue building on our success and being the leading provider of Quality But Affordable goods to customers at all levels as well as being a responsible corporate entity.
To be one of the market leaders in provision of quality goods and services worldwide.
• Increased gross profit and enhance net profit. • Increased number of employment opportunities. • Improved economic capacity, livelihood, education and health of the communities. • Increased the distribution chain across the country. • Remain a responsible corporate citizen across the globe. • Establish a very strong brand name on the National and International market.

The Clients We Work For